Institutional Castors & Wheels

Institutional Castors & Wheels

Institutional castors are mainly used for trolleys for light applications, mainly addressed to the service sector, such as hospitals, furniture, catering equipment for total load from 150Kg up to 350Kg.

Steel zinc plated castors

Zinc plated castors for light trolleys, addressed to different applications mainly addressed to the services area, such as furniture, POS, super market trolleys and many others. From 50mm up to 150mm diameter.

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Electric conductive castors

Electric conductive castors are the solution in order to avoid static electricity. Suitable for applications like scanners, X-ray devices and very sensitive electronic equipment. From 50 up to 150mm diameter.

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Stainless castors (AISI 304)

Stainless castors of top quality made from AISI 304, specially addressed to the catering and hospital furniture industry. From 50mm up to 150mm diameter

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50mm castors for high load capacity (150-180 Kg)

High load capacity wheels from 150 Kg up to 180 Kg, for heavy applications with small height needed

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PU Easy roll wheels

Pu eusy roll wheels are a type of wheel commonly used in various applications where smooth and effortless rolling is essential. These wheels are typically made from polyurethane, a versatile and durable material known for its excellent abrasion resistance and load-bearing capabilities.

The term “easy-roll” suggests that these wheels are designed to reduce friction and provide ease of movement. They are commonly used in applications such as: Office Chairs, Carts and Trolleys, Wheelchairs.

When selecting PU easy-roll wheels, it’s important to consider factors such as load capacity, wheel diameter, and the type of surface they will be used on to ensure they meet your specific needs.

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Coloured castors

Institutional Castors with different color support for high aesthetic design from 50 up to 150mm diameter.

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Spare wheels from different materials from 50 up to 150mm diameter.

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PU skate roller wheels

PU (Polyurethane) Easy Roll Wheels are a type of caster wheels designed to provide smooth and easy movement across various surfaces. These wheels are commonly used in material handling equipment, carts, trolleys, and other applications where mobility and ease of rolling are essential.

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